Foot Prints  by Robert



Foot Prints are $35 each, fob Washington, DC, or Sperryville, VA. Add $5 to each order for shipping to another location.

At present, we accept only cash or personal check.

List the name of each print in the message box of the form to the right. Names are on the display images on this web site but will not appear on the print.


Custom prints are also available. (See example on HOME page.) Suggestions to consider: steps in a manufacturing process, employees in your company, ancestors, travel experiences.


The prints are laminated on black Gatorboard. They are light weight and can be securely mounted with Velcro. (See instructions,below.)


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Each print has a piece of fuzzy Velcro on the back, about 2 inches from the top. There are also two bumpers about 1 inch from the bottom corners. Finally, there are one or two pieces of male Velcro, usually with a sticky back.These are intended to go on the wall. For this discussion, we’ll assume you have two wall pieces, each at least 1 1/2 inches long.


Position the Foot Print where you want it on the wall and mark a dot with a pencil at the center of the top edge. Put the Foot Print aside. Measure down from your dot and mark a cross. This indicates the center line and the horizontal position of the top edge of the fuzzy Velcro on the picture.


Using a level, mark a spot about 1/4 inch in from each end where the fuzzy Velcro will touch the wall. Remove the backing and stick the wall Velcro to the wall vertically, beginning about 1/2 inch above this mark.


NOTE: The wall Velcro will NOT come off, at least not easily. You may have success loosening a corner and slowly, very slowly, peeling it back on itself. If this is a problem for you, try one of the following:

Put a piece of masking tape on the wall first and then stick the Velcro to the masking tape. All masking tape is not alike, so select one that will come off your wall easily, bringing the Velcro with it.

Tack the Velcro to the wall using small nails with heads. #15 nails of 1 inch length are readily available.

These techniques are not as secure as sticking the Velcro directly to the wall, so make sure there is nothing fragile beneath your Foot Print.


Position the Foot Print tentatively by the bottom edge. Use a level to ensure both horizontal and vertical lines are correct. Press the top of the Foot Print to the wall to contact the Velcro there. If the position is not correct, removal is best done by lifting gently by the bottom edge.